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Update date 03 Nov 2023
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KB WhatsApp

KB WhatsApp is one of the most important and popular versions available online that specializes in exchanging messages, photos, and videos between users. It is an advanced version that helps you communicate with others without any problems or obstacles, unlike other versions of WhatsApp. He does not face any account suspension or user account ban. Together we can explore all the capabilities available in this version which we will discuss in detail in this article.

Application name

KB WhatsApp

Application size53 MB
issue numberBeta 2024
Compatible togetherAndroid 4.0 and up
Last updated1 day ago
Number of downloads10,000,000+

🙂KB WhatsApp latest version

KB WhatsApp comes with a range of different capabilities and features for users to take advantage of. This version of KB WhatsApp is distinguished for several reasons:

The KB WhatsApp application is free of the problems that were present in previous versions of the application, including temporary bans on various accounts.

In addition, this application allows users to delete different messages, as well as from the people to whom they have sent the messages.

Moreover, KB WhatsApp provides the ability to easily view and reply to deleted messages.

One of the main reasons why many users appreciate KB WhatsApp download is that it offers unparalleled capabilities and features compared to other versions.

You can also hide your presence while using the WhatsApp application, which guarantees you complete privacy and comfort while using the application.

You can download this version from our website through a direct link that provides various applications.

In addition, it allows you to control the privacy settings in the application, so that you can interact with all users without any problems and enjoy a sense of freedom and security.

The KB WhatsApp application is known as a chat application and social networking tool used by users throughout the Arab and foreign world, regardless of the language used.

    😊Features of KB WhatsApp free download

      The KB WhatsApp application provides continuous updates to add new features and ensure the best possible user experience. This premium version provides convenience to users all over the world.

      With KB WhatsApp, you can hide your online status, using the application with complete freedom without your friends knowing that you are active on it.

      This version also lets you control the blue ticks that indicate whether a message has been read, giving you the option to reply or view messages without the sender knowing.

      The KB WhatsApp APK update allows you to hide the “typing” status, audio recording status, and other notifications that may appear while using the app.

      Moreover, this version allows you to hide your personal data from all contacts and groups, ensuring privacy and security during audio recordings.

      You can easily hide the microphone icon, resulting in a more satisfying user experience when using this premium version.

    Information about downloading KB WhatsApp for Android

      You can use this premium online version which has been developed.

      It is a suitable version for all phones that support the Android operating system and is characterized by being constantly updated to add new tools.

      Moreover, it is available with a free license that does not require users to pay any fees to access this service.

      You can download it to your phone in a highly optimized size of 68MB, so it does not put any pressure on mobile phones.

      The version is lightweight in terms of use and does not consume large amounts of resources on your phone, which significantly reduces battery consumption.

      In addition, the online application is available in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, French, etc., making it easier for you to use it.

    🙂KB WhatsApp capabilities

    You can get the latest version of KB WhatsApp and enjoy a variety of features and tools that will help you get a distinctive and simple social media service without any complications. These features and capabilities include:

    KB WhatsApp allows you to easily lock WhatsApp with a different password than the rest of your mobile phone, giving you the high level of privacy you desire.

    In addition, this version enables you to send more than 90 different images to any person or group chat.

    Moreover, this version allows you to send videos of different sizes, up to 30MB, without putting any burden or pressure on your mobile phone.

    You have complete control over the themes and wallpapers available in this program so you can fully customize and change all the colors of the wallpapers.

    Moreover, you can change and customize the appearance of emojis in this version in a sophisticated and unique way.

    You can easily view your friends' statuses without appearing like you've seen them.

      🤗Additional features within KBWhatsApp

        KB WhatsApp is a version that offers you a variety of different capabilities and features, including the ability to automatically download all the different media you receive in conversations.

        You can work with more than 50 different fonts in this version, and choose between them easily.

        You can easily deactivate the feature of receiving calls from anyone on your WhatsApp application, and you have the option to lock the application with a different password than the one on the official page of your phone.

        Moreover, you have complete control over the icons and notifications you receive in the WhatsApp application, with the utmost precision, simplicity and ease.

        You can preview all the media without actually downloading it to your phone, and you also have the ability to schedule different messages.

        The release also gives users the option to hide blue ticks for reading, so you don't feel pressured to respond right away

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